Dangerously close to the Northern Pole of Air, an ancient protected city holds Secrets that may have the power to set Creation’s course back to rights.

Ruled by the enigmatic Premier Flickering Star, the city of Diamond Tower draws to it those whose births were hoped for by the starry Fates millennia before. The Premier sets those Starborn on the course to unlock Creation’s greatest Secret, for only they walk the edge between Exaltations, beholden neither to its greatest weaknesses or greatest strengths.

The paths they walk will take them across Creation and beyond, to realms only whispered of in darkest night and hoped for at life’s endings.

Before them lies the opportunity to stop Creation’s greatest tragedy – or magnify it beyond all imagination.

Game being played on Storium here: There Once Was a Maiden

Message Redkite7 with your email or Storium username for an invite.

There Once Was A Maiden

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