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  • The Scripture of the Maiden and the Captive

    The Scripture of the Maiden and the Captive There once was a maiden… Who heard of that from which all things came. She went looking for him, but could not find him. He had locked himself in sorrow, and locked away The broken pieces of the universe …

  • Flickering Star

    Flickering Star has been the Prime of Diamond Tower for as long as anyone can remember. If asked, [[:chrysalis-1 | Chrysalis]] simply says that Star hasn't ruled forever. Star remains relatively cloistered in the Tower at the center of the city, …

  • Beron Sand

    * journeys half-caste * came from the South with a caravan * now master of Diamond Tower's trade caravans and any expeditions beyond the city * cares for their stables of mounts and vehicles that go outside

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