Chrysalis is the bound God-Soul of Diamond Tower.

She typically appears as a slight, pale woman in an iridescent white dress with glowing gold hems and orichalcum jewelry and accents. Her hair is transparent crystalline strands bound up in a complicated braid arrangement. Two long iridescent white feathers trail from her hair – no one is quite sure if they are adornment or part of her hair. Her eyes are pupilless, champagne diamonds.

Of late she has begun to wear an elegant, slender violet daiklave made from what looks to be a single primary feather of some great avian, engraved with glowing prayer-script to Saturn. This is worrying, for no one knows what it signifies.

She hardly ever manifests in but everyone knows her, as her face appears in crystal surfaces embedded in every wall and in pillars placed strategically throughout the city. She acts as the city’s self-sustaining public infrastructure, among other duties.

Her secondary, less well-known form is that of a great iridescent-white furred dragon with gilded claw and scale-tips. She has only had to manifest this form once, when a Fae Noble thought he might annex Diamond Tower as his own. His dissipated motes now know better.


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